Welcome to Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited

In 1997, Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited blossomed in the city of Tiruchirappalli (Rock City) with the goal of availability, accessibility and affordability. Now we work with the VISION of Holistic approach to quality eye care for everyone and MISSION to teach and train all staff to achieve our vision.

Deep in the heart we desire to preserve the nobility of this profession and to grow to be the BEST SERVICE PROVIDER for all segments of India. This was our intention even at the time of inception. Mahathma was started as 6 bedded Eye Hospital in a rental building. It is 21 bedded now.

founder and managing director

Founders Dr.R.Ramesh & Dr.R.Meenakumari

Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited now has various sub-specialty clinics in the field of ophthalmology catering to 350-400 out patients per day and 40-50 surgeries every day.

Fellowship programme is also successfully carried out here. Soon working on expansion as an educational institute.


Dr.Meena and Myself – we both had our background experience from Aravind Eye Hospital-Madurai. In 1997, to be frank,with good mentorship, we had framed few values in our mind based on which we decided to function. One aspect was clear in our mind - that is we wanted the travel of our life and all our descendants to have "EXCELLENT ORIENTATION" towards technology, techniques and "ACADEMICS" as well. Not only this, but also to cater to the need of the poor and the needy until poverty is eradicated from the society. We know this is almost like mixing OIL and WATER. But we decided to take a plunge. Now we have made 22 years of our journey in the city of Tiruchirappalli., Tamilnadu, South India achieving the fruits of our ambition.

Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited is not only compassionate to the patients, but from time to time we have updated technology and techniques in all specialty of ophthalmology eg. Cataract, Paediatric , ophthalmology, Retina, Glaucoma, Cornea, Orthoptics, etc.. Equipments and instruments become obsolete in 3-4 years and we have been updating very promptly.

Mahathma offers fellowship in various sub-specialty of ophthalmology. We wish to expand in all ophthalmic sub specialties, reach academic heights in the form of journal publications, national and international presentations.



Hai. I’m Dr.Meena. Fortunately my dream and passion has been matching Dr.Ramesh. I’ve enjoyed a great deal in adopting to technology and also serving the needy community in eradicating needless blindness. I have been a great source of inspiration for the paramedical staff here. I have opted to train the girls after their schooling (+2) in different specialty as an ophthalmic technician eg. Refraction/Contact Lens/Low Vision Aid/Operation Theatre Assistant etc.This operates as a good infra-structure laid by the human resource in the form of Ophthalmic Assistants to support in various specialty clinics (ophthalmology). Along with this, I contributed in structuring our outreach programmes.

My subsequent ambition is to expand the horizon of Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited in the area of "ACADEMICS" as well as to bring in the conversion of Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited as an Educational Institute.


All ophthalmologists working with me (Dr.Ramesh) & Dr.Meena in Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited are addressed as "MAHATHMITES". Our own children - both of them are into ophthalmology.

We are much aware of our responsibilities towards training young ophthalmologists in techniques and technology. We also consciously project as good mentors to them in grooming them in preserving the nobility of this profession. Our Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited is keen on identifying aspiring young ophthalmologist and giving vent to their ambition as good professionals.

Ophthalmology being an expensive field, even talented young ophthalmic surgeons are hands tied. Our intension is to identify such aspiring young ophthalmologists and create opportunities for them.