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There is a normal crystal clear, transparent lens located inside the eye. This crystalline lens gradually starts losing its transparency and become opaque of various grade.

The natural, clear lens becomes non transparent, opaque and the vision becomes dull. Ageing is the main cause for cataract. It may also occur due to injury to eye, chronic intraocular infection and due to prolonged intake of oral or topical steroids.

Cataract is not a fleshy overgrowth on the eye.


Normal lens is transparent and elastic in nature. Upto 40 years this elasticity is maintained so that there is no defect in near vision. At the age of 40 due to loss in the accommodation of the lens, reading becomes difficult. This is called presbyopia. To correct this defect presbyopic glasses are advised.

Presbyopia will affect myopic, (defective distant vision) hypermetropic (defective near vision) and also cataract patients.

Some people prefer reading without glasses after Cataract surgery. For them Multifocal IOL can be used.

Astigmatism or cylindrical power

Our cornea is more valuable than gold and diamond. It is smooth and even in all 360°. For some people the cornea is sharp in one angle so distraction of light happens in that particular angle. This is called as astigmatism.


Our natural lens has the power of differentiating minute details in perception of colors in perceiving vision with highest clarity, etc.

This contract power is very high in 15 years of age. It reduces after 25 years. After cataract formation this contract power reduces considerably.

Pre - op cataract workup includes

DBR ( digital biometry reading)- calculate length of eye

Lenstar – advanced method to calculate length of eye

Iol master – calculate power of lens

Specular microscopy-check the cornea health

Duct – check for tear drainage of eye

High Definition (HD) Lens

High Definition lens means, that gives high clarity eyesight with excellent and extremely fine-tuned clear vision.

Cataract surgery has attained high technical advancement. There is a vast difference in cataract surgery performed for your grandparent and that being performed now. The High Definition foldable lens is a milestone in cataract surgery.

High definition lens protects the eyes from harmful Ultra Violet rays of sunlight. This protects the Retina from ARMD (which is a retinal disorder due to old age)

HD Lens filters blue light.

It gives original colour with high clarity and high contract.

It protects our eyes from the harmful rays from television and computer.

It protects from aberrations and glare encountered in night driving.

It aids in clear day and night vision.

HOYA Vivinex Isert IOL

Very sharp edge

Textured optic edge and textured – rough haptics

Aspheric ABC design

Toric Lens

Patients start using spectacles with cylindrical correction for clear sight in early childhood.

Later on, at the time of cataract surgery, they need appropriate IOL which is called Toric IOL.

Patients with Toric IOL implantation have clear distance vision. The eye power, which the patient had for distance, before 8 yrs of age gets neutralised by this excellent lens.

Toric lens is made up of high definition base.

Use Toric with Multifocal IOL

The treatment of choice to get clear vision at all distance for patients with astigmatism.

For patients with cataract and cornea surface irregularities, Tori IOL implantation will give good results.

Multifocal IOL implantation will aid in good distance, intermediate and near vision without glasses after cataract surgery.

Toric multifocal IOL implantation combines the benefit of both Toric IOL and Multifocal IOL. It gives clear vision.

New Cataract Technology Surgery

CENTURION the ERA of Centurion is the new standard in Cataract Technology The benefits of cataract treatment with Centurion vision system.

Ultra Premium Cataract Treatment method

Ultra Premium Cataract Treatment methods has three major new technologies as follows.

Centurion vision system

PROPAK system maintains the internal milieu at optimal level.

The cataract lens is replaced with a new artificial (IOL) lens implantation to get clear vision.

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