Department of Computer Vision Clinic (CVC)

Our idea is to serve a large number of people experimenting vision and eye related problems (computer vision syndrome) to computer use in our execlusive computer Vision Clinic.

Computer is now an Integral part of our day.

This advancement of science has brought about a vast change in our lives that we wonder what life would have been without it! With all its benefits come certain health related issues, awareness of which is minimal.


Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a complex of eye and vision problems related to near work which are experienced during or related to computer use.

CVS is characterized by visual symptoms which result from interaction with a computer display or its environment.

Causes of CVS

There are several contributory factors for Computer Vision Syndrome to develop.

To state a few:

Uncorrected spectacle power.

Difficulty in eye coordination at near work .

Appropriate glasses for computer use.

Strain on the muscles of the eye due to work style.

Decreased blink rate or tear function.

Glare and reflections from the monitor and surroundings.

Poor workstation setup or improper use of workstation.

Job nature and stress.


A Computer eye examination – including spectacle power

Orthoptic evaluation – Ocular muscle coordination and Status evaluation.

Tear function evaluation.

Counselling on work and ergonomics.

Exercises for Binocular vision problems.

Review of progress and maintenance of visual and ergonomic conditions.

Symptoms (of CVS) while doing near work

Double Vision

Eye Strain

Head Ache

Blurred Vision


Dry Eye

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Exercise Therapy

Manual Exercise through Synoptophore and kit .

Computerized software exercise.

Take home vision therapy.

Take home software therapy.


You may need full Orthoptics work up

If any Muscle problem is detected, if you use diagram with any Muscle problem, you may require eye Exercise to strengthen your eye muscle.

Remember your Visual Hygiene

Always stay Hydrated

Take Healthy diet

Limit the usage of Mobiles, laptops, video games & TV

Take adequate break while using near work, like usage of computer, mobiles etc.

Don’t forget to Blink

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