1. Surgical Co-ordination

  2. - The surgical coordinator confirms the date of surgery according to the patient's convenience.

    - When the patient is ready to undergo surgery, patient is counselled in the Patient Counselling department and pre-operative instructions for surgery are given.

    - Patients with medical reimbursement, mediclaim or Health insurance are directed to Corporate Relations Department.

  3. Lab Investigations

  4. - The patient is then directed to the Madhumitha Laboratory to undergo necessary lab investigations like Blood/ urine sugar, Blood pressure etc based on their health conditions and type of surgery

  5. ECG

  6. It is valid for 3 months only

    The patient is advised to undergo Electrocardiogram to assess their cardiac status and physical fitness.

    This facility may be availed in our hospital through a visiting General physician.

  7. Pre-Anesthetic Evaluation

  8. The patient will be given a Self-questionnaire to answer about their respiratory disease.

    Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes mellitus Blood pressure and any other general disease.

    The anesthesiologist will evaluate the patient's physical condition for surgery fitness depending on the type of surgery and advise accordingly.

  9. A - Scan Biometry

  10. - Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited follows a surgical strategy that permits the correction of the patient's total refractive error in one operation.

    - Precise axial length measurement is very important in refractive cataract surgery.

    - We do the most accurate method of axial length measurement by A-Scan Immersion biometry technique.

  11. Day Care Lounge

  12. - The patient is sent to the Day Care Lounge along with their report file after the necessary investigations.

    - Patients are required to sign their consent forms and they are prepared for surgery in the day Care Lounge.

  13. Wards and Deluxe Suites

  14. - Patients from outstation or patients who require inpatient treatment other than day care procedures are admitted depending on their choice of wards and deluxe Suites.

  15. Preparation for Surgery

  16. - The patient's eyes are dilated and anaesthetized by Topical anesthetic drops which are ideally suited for suture-less cataract surgery.

    - There is no injection given to the eye before the surgery instead topical anesthetic drops are used.

    - Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited does the high tech intraocular surgery specially phacoemulsification surgery under topical anesthesia which is the preferred choice of most eye surgeons. worldwide as well as for the patients comfort and immediate post operative recovery.

    - No bandage is applied.

    - Dark glasses are given to protect the eyes.

  17. Post operative Counselling

  18. - After surgery, the patient counsellor visits every postoperative patient and gives the essential post-operative instructions and counselling.

    - The patient is discharged as per the instructions given by the doctor.

    - Discharge summary is given to the patient at the time of discharge and review appointment is assigned for follow up.

  19. Surgery Billing

  20. - The patient is then directed to the surgery billing counter where the full charge should be paid.


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