What is an Eye Donation?

After one dies, their eyes can be donating or used for another patient/person to see the beautiful world.

What is an eye bank?

A place to store corneas (the clear "front window" of the eye) for use in future keratoplasty (surgery to replace the cornea). A storage place for human corneas from the newly dead for transplant to the eyes of those blind from corneal defects.

Who can donate eyes?

Donors can be in any age group or sex

People who are diabetics, with high blood pressure, asthma and those without communicable diseases can donate eyes.

are the persons who cannot donate their eyes after death?

Persons with AIDS

Hepatitis B and C,

Rabies, Septicaemia,

Acute leukemia (Blood cancer),




Encephalitis cannot donate their eyes.

Why should eyes be donated?

Eye Donation is important for preservation and restoring eye sight for the needy corneal blindness patients.

How prevalent is cornea transplantation?

Corneal transplantation is very common among the public as the public are given awareness in restoring sight. Many in the age group from new born to old age have been benefitted.

What is the time for doing corneal transplant?

Cornea transplant is usually done within 4 days after receiving the eye donation.

When does the donation take place?

The eye tissue is removal soon after the death, after evaluating the condition of the tissue .The removal of the eyes will have no significant change or disfiguration in the appearance of the dead person.

Can the whole eye be transplanted?

No. Only the cornea and the sclera (white part of the eye) can be transplanted. The other part of the eye can be used for research & education.

How is the donor cornea determined?

The donor cornea is determined with HIV, Hepatitis B and syphilis test before surgery. If any tissue is deemed unsuitable for transplant, it will be utilized for Research.

Will there be any delay in removing the eye in the funeral house

No. Eye tissue is procured within hours of death, so families may proceed with funeral arrangements as planned.

Will the appearance of the donor be different?

No. The appearance of the donor will not change. No one will be able to notice that eyes have been donated.

Will the donor's family pay or receive any fees?

No. It is crime and illegal to buy/sell human eyes, organs and tissues. All the expenses related with the eye donation will be borne by the Eye Donation Team only.

Will the Recipient of the cornea be told the identity of the donor?

No. Donor details is strictly preserved as per law.

How can I become a donor?

A eye donation /pledge form is available in all the eye hospitals. Contact the hospital authorities and fill up the details asked in that form.

After a person dies, what should the family members do before the ED team arrives?

After a person dies, the eyes must be closed immediately

The fan must be switched off

The head of the deceased must be raised with a pillow

The nearest eye bank must be contacted as quickly as possible.

While informing the eye bank, do not panic and cry. Give the correct address/ landmarks/which can be easily located and 2 mobiles numbers to be called

If the death certificate is available, keep it ready

Eye donation will be done only with the written consent of the next of kin in the presence of two witnesses


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