What is vision therapy(VT) ?

Vision therapy is the physical therapy given to patient who is diagnosed to have binocular anomalies

The goal of vision therapy is to optimize the visual system, and areas of the brain that control vision, visual efficiency, visual perception and other vision-related functions.

By treating the entire visual system, vision therapy aims to change reflexive (automatic) behaviours to produce a lasting cure. Vision therapy can treat vision problems that interfere with efficient reading among schoolchildren. It provides treatment for amblyopia (lazy eye), learning related vision problems, traumatic/acquired brain injuries.

It also can help reduce eyestrain and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome experienced by many children and adults that cannot be treated successfully with eyeglasses, contact lenses and/or surgery alone, and help people achieve clear, comfortable binocular vision.

Who need vision therapy?

Once you are diagnosed to have any kind of eye muscle problem after thorough orthoptics evaluation by our BVC team who will require vision therapy.

People with symptoms such as headache ,eyestrain,blurredvision,difficulty in focusing, double vision,eye pain associated with near work and computer usage .

Children with amblyopia may require special amblyopia (anti suppression )therapy .

What are the types of therapy given in BVC?

Manual exercise through synaptophore

Computerized software therapy

Take home software therapy

Take home manual vision therapy

Can these exercise improve my child vision or get rid of glasses in future ?

Probably No,vision therapy aims to provide better eye muscle coordination , can indirectly reduces the progression of power in some cases and helps to relieve eye symptoms such as headache ,eye strain,eye pain,double vision etc.

In some case some amount of squint can be controlled and corrected with these therapy .

How effective is VT?

VT is proven to be more effective in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients who followed proper instruction and good compliance with exercise.

Will this computer therapy affect my eyes?

No ,these software therapy are designed in such a way they don’t have any adverse effect on your eyes .a pair of special glasses are provided while doing computer VT. following professional instruction helps you to achieve better result.

Vision therapy is only for children?

Vision therapy can be advised to all age group patient with binocular anomalies and vision symptoms.

What is home and in office Vision therapy ?

In office VT are exercise done in hospital under supervision of professionals.it can be both computer and manual exercise.

Home VT are exercise advisedfor patient to do in home after completing in office therapy .it helps to maintain the improvement and stabilize the condition.

How long it takes to complete vision therapy ?

It depends on the severity of the condition. Usually totally 10 sittings are advised .it can be done one hour every day or alternating days or two hours per day for 5 days ..after the completion of VT , review is done on final day to check for the improvement depending on the result your professional will advise home VT.

How often should I come for follow up?

It depends on your condition .it can once in every 3-6 months .

What if I cannot come for inoffice VT ?

There are software VT available which you can install in your computer and do VT from your home and your performance will be monitored by our team.Contact our BVC team for further information.


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