How do I know I have computer vision syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome is characterized by eye redness and fatigue, a burning or stinging sensation, blurred or double vision, difficulty focusing, headaches, and shoulder or neck pain. While some of these symptoms can be caused by allergies, infections or other eye problems, CVS is directly attributable to long hours spent in front of a computer monitor or other display device.

What causes CVS?

Uncorrected spectacle power

I difficulty in eye coordination at near work

Appropriate glasses for computer use

Strain on the muscles of the eye due to work style

Decreased blink rate or tear function

Glare and reflections from the monitor and surroundings

Poor workstation setup or improper use of workstation

Job nature and stress

Who can be affected by CVS?

Computer Vision Syndrome affects 75% of the people who work on computers, most markedly those who work more than 3 to 4 hours with computers. This includes all professions that use computers (IT, BPO, Accounting, banking, front office) students and children

Work at the computer,mobile, for more than 3 hours a day?

Have strain at computer work

Experience any or all of the symptoms of CVS stated

Experience stressful situations associated with work

What's so bad about staring at a monitor?

When you spend a lot of time using display devices, your eyes don't blink as frequently as they normally would. Blinking stimulates tear production, prolonged staring at computer affect your normal blinking rhythm leads to dry eye

Is there any age limit for CVS?

CVS can occur in any age group but children are found to report less of symptoms.

This does not indicate that children are not prone to CVS, but that they continue to strain the visual system and the condition is overlooked to a greater extent than adults.

The visual system in teenagers is well adapted to near tasks, but the strain due to change in image quality, glare, lighting and absence of breaks between computer use, associated with muscle imbalances and power changes need a closer watch as it is the changing phase of physical development and no chances can be taken.

How can it be detected?

CVS is often different from other typical eye problems.

The usual ophthalmic examination focuses more on distance vision (6 m and beyond) and near vision (35 to 40 cm), whereas the computer professionals have a unique working distances with respect to the monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Due to this difference in working distance, the usual examination does not completely address the actual environmental conditions.

The Computer Vision Clinic, however, is specially designed to address the varied needs of the individual computer user.

How can it be detected?

testing required for detecting CVS are

Refractive error correction for computer workstations.

Evaluation of arrangement of the computer workstation.

Evaluation of lighting and reflections.

Eye health evaluation.

Analysis of visual functions at near working distances.

A detailed clinical evaluation, besides a thorough documentation of the work surroundings and job nature with the help of questionnaires and interactive sessions are essential for this.

testing required for detecting CVS are

Refractive error correction for computer workstations

Evaluation of arrangement of the computer workstation

Evaluation of lighting and reflections

Eye health evaluation

Analysis of visual functions at near working distances

A detailed clinical evaluation, besides a thorough documentation of the work surroundings and job nature with the help of questionnaires and interactive sessions are essential for this.

What is the best way to treat CVS?

There are three phases in the management of CVS when you seek professional help




The best way to treat CVS is to identify the conditions that have contributed to the symptoms and address them.

The earlier the condition is detected the more it acts as a preventive measure.

Ideal ocular status and proper ergonomics both visual and environmental could keep the condition under check. Management is minimal and modifications become the answer. The frequency of follow-up is also reduced as the condition is easily reversible.

A delay in detection means signs which have set in more deeply and a greater effort is required from the clinician and the computer user to first program a schedule to rectify the damages to the maximum possible extent and then work towards reducing the source of repetitive stress or altering it favourably without affecting work or the eyes.

In this situation frequent follow-ups are essential to ensure proper management of the ocular condition and asses the effect of the work related changes on the eye.

"Prevention is better than cure" seems to best fit CVS and eye care

Why do I keep losing my focusing ability?

Tiny muscles control your lenses' ability to shift focus between near objects and distant ones. Resolving fine text displayed as pixels on a screen eventually causes muscular strain, causing the eye muscles to relax into what's called a resting point of accommodation.

The more you force your eyes back into focus, the more strain you experience. Exposure to excessive glare makes things even worse.

How do computer glasses help?

These corrective lenses(PALS ) are specially prescribed to provide optimal, strain-free vision at one specific distance -- the distance between your eyes and the computer monitor.

This extra visual compensation frees your eye muscles from the need to keep straining and shifting from one visual field to another.AR COATED lens are prescribed in order to avoid unwanted reflection from computer screen.

I have presbyopia. Can computer glasses help me?

Absolutely! Progressive lenses ( PALS ) allow you to see clearly at different distances. This is useful if you need to address other business from time to time. But you may find that single-vision computer glasses give you all the correction you need for viewing both your monitor and your keyboard.

Where can I get these progressive lens ( pals) ?

You can get to more about this from our optical service .our experts in optical team will help to select the best PALS and AR coated lens according to your visual needs.

Does every computer user need computer glasses?

With studies suggesting that most computer users experience some level of eye discomfort from computer work, it's reasonable to say that most people who work on a computer more than a couple hours daily could benefit from computer eyewear.

If you experience tired eyes, overall fatigue or discomfort when working at your computer, schedule a computer vision exam. Our eye doctor can help you decide if computer eyeglasses are right for you.

Will wearing computer eyeglasses make my eyes worse?

No. In fact, wearing specially prescribed computer glasses when working at your computer might help keep your eyes from getting worse by reducing excessive focusing demands on your eyes.

This is particularly true for teenagers, whose eyes may be more susceptible to progressive nearsightedness from focusing fatigue.

How cvs affects my work?

Poor visual functions

Increased stress levels

Reduced effective work hours

Frequent absence from work

Possible increase in errors

Less time available for personal care and reversal

which together spell "Reduced Productivity"

What are the services provided by the clinic?

Computer Vision Syndrome Clinic (CVC) examination – which includes

A complete eye examination – including spectacle power

Orthoptic evaluation – Ocular muscle coordination and status evaluation

Tear function evaluation

Work stress and ergonomics assessment

Counseling on work and ergonomics

Exercises for Binocular vision problems

Review of progress and maintenance of visual and ergonomic conditions

Advanced vision or ergonomic assessment some patients require special review visit, depending on the visual and ergonomic analysis and treatment required

Ergonomic evaluations Assessment of workplace ergonomics with recommendations for organizations for computer work and workstations

Employee vision screening On site visual system evaluation of computer using employee

Awareness programs/ Seminars How to manage CVS / Eye Care

Annual CVS check Regular CVS evaluation of employees of institutions that have incorporated eye health care in their regular health care protocol in the IT industry etc

When should I get myself tested for CVS?

The ideal time for a CVS evaluation at the CVS Clinic would be at the beginning of ones career which involves extensive computer work.

An evaluation would help detect problems in the eye which would get worse with improper computer use. These when rectified would reduce the intensity of discomfort with long hours of computer work.

If this has not been possible the best time is any time one learns about CVS or has its symptoms.

Isn't ergonomics the solution to computer eye strain?

Ergonomics is important — changing your computer workstation to facilitate good posture can certainly help minimize some physical symptoms of CVS. But ergonomics alone cannot solve a visual problem.

Wearing prescription computer eyeglasses typically is more helpful than ergonomics for reducing the risk of computer eye strain.

How frequently will I have to visit the clinic?

The follow-up with the clinic would depend on how good the condition of your eye or your workstation is.

If only basic changes are required a review would be required after 2-3 weeks to verify if you are comfortable. And then review after a year for a routine evaluation.

If the CVS related factors are advanced you will have to come for reviews based on the extent of your recovery which would be 1 – 3 months or as required based on your individual condition.

A review evaluation is required every year for anyone who works at near as the demand on the visual system is high as we age and prevention is the best way to reduce damage as the work demands never reduce.


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