Low Vision Clinic

Low vision people who are unable to see objects beyond maximum of 3m i.e., 10 feet distance (with their spectacle correction) and / or people those who have side vision difficulty are said to have low vision.

When ordinary eye glasses, contact lenses or intraocular lens implants cannot provide sharp sight, an individual is said to have low vision. Although reduced central or reading vision is common, low vision may also result from decreased side (peripheral) vision, a reduction or loss of clarity of vision, or the eye's inability to properly adjust to light or glare.

We help in counselling and enhancing the maximum existing potential vision of the patient.

Patient reports with clinical conditions such as

Congenital cataract/aphakia

Retinitis pigmentosa


Diabetic retinopathy

Age related macular degeneration

Heredomacular degeneration

Advanced glaucoma


Optic nerve head problem

We provide services like

Assessment of difficulty level of the patients in performing day-to-day activities

Vision check

Testing with low vision devices (both optical and non-optical)

Color vision assessment

Contrast sensitivity assessment

We dispense various Low vision aids like

Monocular telescope

Binocular telescope

Spectacle magnifier

Stand magnifier

Dome magnifier

Pocket magnifiers


See TV model telescope


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