Scope of Services

1.Modern cataract department

2.Paediatric Eye care & Squint Department

3.Glaucoma Department

4.Advanced Retina and Macula Department

5.Diabetic Related Eye & Laser Treatment Department

6.Cornea Department

7.Contact Lens Clinic

8.Oculoplasty Speciality Department

9.Uvea Clinic

10.Presbyopia Clinic

11.Headache Clinic

12.Low Vision Department

13.Computer Vision Syndrome Clinic

14.Retinopathy of Prematurity(ROP) Clinic


1.Modern cataract Surgery

2.Modern Squint surgery

3.Surgery for congenital cataract

4.Surgery for congenital glaucoma

5.Oculoplasty surgery

6.Surgical PI

7.Trabeculectomy for Adult Glaucoma

8.Valve Procedures

9.Combined Surgery

10.Modern IOLs for Glaucoma Patient with Cataract

11.Vitreo – Retinal Surgery

12.Advanced Endophthalmitis - Surgical Treatment

13. Corneal Surgery

Medical Services

1.Refractive Error Treatment

a) Spectacle

b) Contact Lens

2.Retinopathy of Prematurity

a) ROP Screening

b) ROP Laser

c) ROP Avastin

3.Amblyopia Treatment (Treatment for Lazy Eyes)

a) Patching

b) Spectacles

c) Contact Lens

4.Asthenopia Treatment (For Eye Fatigue)

a) Orthoptics Eye Exercise

b) Home Exercise


6.Treatment for Glaucoma

a) Medication

b) Laser - Yag PI

7. Diode Green Laser for

a) Diabetic Retinopathy

b) Retinal Breaks

8.Photodynamic Theraphy

9.Intravitreal Injections

10.Anti – VEGF theraphy

11.Medical treatment for Early Endophthalmitis

12.Visual Aids & Rehabilitation for Low Vision Department

13.Rose-K Contact Lens


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Tennur, Tiruchirappalli-620 017.
Phone : 91-431-2740494 , 2740494, 2741198

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 8.00 AM To 7.00 PM
Saturday 8.00 AM To 7.00 PM
Sunday 24 / 7 Emergency calls

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